We were made to THRIVE!

By Tristine Barry

Hello Friends. It is great to get back to the blog for the new year. A little late, but hey, better late than never, right? I hope everyone had a great holiday and is ready for a new year.

I have added a new page to Free to Fly Now called, “Tribute to Worship Arts”. If you get duplicate emails of the same content I do apologize. I am learning. New year, new fun and new challenges~ I pray that you are blessed as you read my new page called, “Tribute to Worship Arts”.

I want to share that  at the early age of Middle School I started playing the flute. I accelerated with private instruction and when I began High School I shot right to the top of the three “best” in the band. They called it “First Chair”, “Second Chair”, “Third Chair”, and so on and so on. Each instrument or “set of instruments” had this order. I began at second chair, right behind an amazing flautist who was a year above me and held the esteemed, “First Chair” until she graduated. Why do I share this story? By thriving in those times playing in two different types of bands, competing and always flourishing, practicing, and learning, my love of music-now-is truly helping me to “Thrive” as an adult who loves Christian Worship music. I love all kinds and I have all kinds. Would you like to know why? Music moves. Music moves. Music can change a mood in an instant. Music can teach, it can lead, it can love and it can share; it is all in how it is presented and used, imo. I am here to share how I personally use music to strengthen, uplift, and love-but above all-to Worship our True God.

Worship Arts is all about God and so am I! I love Jesus. He saved me years ago and now I am passionately a fiend of worship arts. Now, I cannot sing and I don’t dance very well but I will say this. When I am singing to Jesus these beautiful words that I hear, nothing else seems to matter. I get raptured into Him and nothing else matters. Nothing. In this year of 2014, I have a “theme” for me, and hopefully for you. I am taking the Made to Crave Study with Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies. I am digging deeper, asking God to pull my roots out so I may soar like an eagle and thrive. After all, that is why Jesus died for me-and for you. He loves us that much. I am working on craving God more than anything and the more I listen to His anointed through music, the stronger I get.

In honor of the new year and our new theme, “Thrive” for this year, I am going to share one of my favorites so far from the just released “Thrive” album by the Casting Crowns.

Casting Crowns "THRIVE"
Casting Crowns “THRIVE”

I am so very excited about this because this is more than just a new CD. They are putting out a challenge for all of us, any of us, who want to participate with them. I know I am looking into it and I hope you will join me. Take the THRIVE challenge with me-wouldn’t you like to thrive this year? After all, we were made to thrive. I am so excited to begin this new journey.

Lord, I thank You for this group of Artists sharing their gifts. I pray this song touches many but I will be thrilled with one person. I pray we will take the challenge to thrive in this world with Jesus. This song has touched me deeply and has turned on light bulbs in my soul that I weren’t sure were there. I thank you for Your love. I thank You for second chances. Amen

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Merry Christmas!

Hey guys. I just wanted to wish all of you a Merry Christmas. I am looking forward to a very exciting upcoming new year. I look forward to sharing and hearing from you.

In the meantime, do you have a favorite “gift”? How do you choose the gifts you may give? It is food for thought as I ponder the true meaning of Christmas.


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Not my Goliath. My God is Bigger!


Hello wonderful online friends! I am taking a brief Sabbatical but wanted to share a glimpse of a post I wrote in May. I hope you like it.
***Seeking Guest Bloggers*** Please email me if you are interested. Tristine.barry@gmail.com I look forward to hearing from you. All levels of writing are welcome, as long as they stick with the theme of the blog. Thank you and Merry Christmas! Let’s all thank The One that came to give us life.


Originally posted on Free to Fly Now:

By Tristine Barry
Week 7, “Stressed-Less Living”, by Tracie Miles
 Online Bible Study with Melissa Taylor

This week we are studying “Facing Our Giants”, and we have had a power-packed Chapter with precious tools to help us learn how to face things like poor attitude, poor health, situations with family members, our own sin, and many more! These are our “Goliaths” or “Giants”.  God DOES provide what we need to face these Goliaths just as He gave David the strength to kill the giant Goliath. His only requirement is to believe Him, to have faith.

If you aren’t familiar, in the Old Testament of The Bible, God’s people, the Israelites, where being threatened into slavery if they couldn’t defeat this very large “Giant” named Goliath. David, as a young boy was the ONLY one of all the Israelite Army, including the King, that KNEW God was with him and…

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The Real Me


Another great post by Jamy Whitaker! I want to ahare that I have been on a little Sabbatical but I will be back to my original writing very soon. I thank all of you for your loyalty in continuing to follow Free To Fly Now. I pray you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I know you are going to be blessed by Jamy’s post. She is a published writer and an amazing woman. We all have gifts given to us by God. Do you know what yours are? Read on….<3 you all!


Originally posted on Jamy Whitaker:


If you were asked to describe yourself, what would you say? The majority of us would start with our appearance and then maybe include our occupation and marital status. In most cases, it wouldn’t get any deeper than that. However, there are many more components that compose the real you.

For me personally, I struggled in the past with not only poor body image, but also comparing myself to others. I wanted to have the perfect look, because then everything else would fall into place, right? So, I stressed over an extra pound here or a bad hair day there. All the while thinking that if the outside was better then I would be better on the inside. This way of thinking quickly sucked me into the trap of comparing how someone looked on the outside to how I was feeling on the inside.

I love what Renee says about…

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Cancer, Vitamins and Christ


Tribute to my friend Jamy Whitaker and an amazing woman. Come celebrate her birthday and 1 yr anniversary cancer-free with me on Free To Fly Now. Love you Jamy!

Originally posted on Jamy Whitaker:

Fall Break 2013 054

Today is a very special day for me for more than one reason. It is my birthday, but it is also the anniversary of my cancer diagnosis. I would like to share something that is near and dear to my heart. I would love to hear your feedback. Thank you for sharing this day with me.

It was a brisk November day as I made my way across the parking lot and into the doctor’s office. My mind was going in several different directions as I mentally made a to-do list and tried to decide how to spend my day – my birthday. The appointment should not take long. It was just a follow-up from my procedure a few weeks earlier. I was so lost in thought that I almost didn’t hear the nurse call my name. It seemed a little odd that she didn’t stop and have me weigh…

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Who Am I?


Thank you Jamy Whitaker for sharing the beautiful truth that we were uniquely created by God. I am honored to share Jamy’s blog post, “Who Am I?” Do you often wonder who you truly are? Read on. It is my prayer that you come to know Jesus in an intimant way so that you also realize that you are adored and passionately pursued by the God of the Universe. If you haven’t enjoyed Jamy’s blog, you are in for a treat! Love you Jamy!


Originally posted on Jamy Whitaker:


There were many times in the past that I fell into the notion that I was not good enough – from being excluded in school, to comparing myself to others to my husband leaving me. For this reason, the enemy uses this doubt frequently in attacking me.

As long as I am stuck in that downward spiral, I am not moving forward or following after God’s plan for my life. The enemy can simply set back because I am already discouraged and defeated.

But God doesn’t see any of us as not good enough.

You and I must remember that God has made each one of us unique for His plan and purpose. The world needs us to fulfill that plan. We have to come to a point where we see ourselves as God sees us.

I encourage you to read through some of the great scriptures from Renee Swope’s

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I Believe…Refuting Doubts with God’s Word

By Tristine Barry

Hello Friends! What a great start we have had with the online study of, A Confident Heart by Renee Swope!** Thanks to Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies with Melissa Taylor, we are beginning an amazing journey of “throwing” our own whispers of doubt and insecurity in the trash, and replacing these with God’s amazing truth and promises. I am on my own journey with everyone else. I am working on areas of doubt and believing God’s promises are meant for me! Just like they are for you.

“Do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He has promised.” Hebrews 10:35-36, NIV

Think about this verse. God is sharing that we are NOT to throw away our confidence. It will be richly rewarded. He is telling us to keep on keeping on and we will receive His glorious promises! The terrain on the journey is rough, but we have our Mighty Shepherd who guides us. He wants us to have confidence in Him only. No one else. Now to re-write the above Scripture in personal fashion:

Repeat after me: “I will NOT throw away my confidence; it will be richly rewarded. I WILL persevere so that when I have done the will of God, I WILL receive what He has promised.” As you can tell, this is personalized as though God is speaking to us, and He is. Think about that, really think about that. God is speaking to you.

Writing Scripture and “praying it back”, verbally, or non, to God is an amazing way to connect with Him, abide in Him, and allow Him to meet you at a place of healing. Spending time with Him is the only way we heal. Real, true, emotional healing. He knows your scars and wants to show you all the wonderful and marvelous blessings and rewards. He is waiting.

When we refute our doubts and insecurities with God’s Word, change happens. We change! We become stronger and courageous, “in Christ!” Renee Swope shows us just how to do this throughout her book, “A Confident Heart”, and I am so very grateful! I am challenged by her writing and prayers. I am challenged to step out in faith and refute my doubts and stand strong in Christ. I am starting to see who I am, in Christ. Isn’t that what it is all about? Our relationship with Christ? It must start there. He is our Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace, Immanuel, He is my everything. Without Him I am nothing and I am so grateful that He offers amazing promises to battle this war within my mind, that many times manifests itself as feeling overwhelmed. He has shown me repetitively that He is with me and loves me dearly.


What are your doubts? Are you doubting that you aren’t equipped to persevere? Feeling like God has left you alone? Feeling “not good enough” or not strong enough? How about feelings of being overwhelmed? The wonderful news is we don’t have to live this way, cowering to our insecurities and weaknesses. We are children of the Most High God! He has given us great privilege and promise when we accepted Jesus as Savior. We do not have to live a life wrought with doubt, depression, insecurity-whatever it is that ails you. God has many promises for you. I hope to share just a little of what I have learned because like you, I suffer sometimes also.

We have the power to choose our thoughts. When we are growing Spiritually, when we read The Bible we are renewing our mind and allowing God’s Holy Spirit to wash us with His Living Water. He pours His Spirit into ours as we refute and dispute these lies, these falsehoods that have parked themselves in our mind and need a chisel to get them removed. Guess what? God’s chisel is the best of all. He knows us and loves us and is with us now, just waiting for us to come to Him and claim His promises.

Do you believe this? Do you believe God?

I am one that likes to follow instruction, most of the time. In her study, she suggests we commit to this command from Jesus. I am trashing my old doubts one by one and replacing them with God’s purifying truth and promise. Won’t you join me in this commitment? Let’s not live “under” the priviledge of God. Jesus paid a high price. Don’t we owe it to Him? Don’t we want to live a life of freedom in Christ?

I will share my personal refute, one that I deal with somewhat regularly-that of being overwhelmed. According to the material from Renee’s website, Don’t Throw Away your Confidence“, I see my “thoughts of doubt” to trash and God’s Truth to hold onto:

When I say, “When I am feeling overwhelmed”,

God says, “Let my love and faithfulness guard your heart.” 

“Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is His faithfulness.” Lam 3:21-23, NIV.  So I place these truths on paper, in front of me, all the time, so that my mind will be renewed and God’s healing can begin.

Dear Lord, thank You for all that You are, just everything. Thank you for your offer of your perfect love and faithfulness to guard my heart. What a promise. Your compassions never fail Lord, and I seek them every morning. I love You so much and You are so Good. Your perfect love is unfathomable and I thank You for Your Word that renews my mind and provides hope in You. I will trash any thoughts of insecurity, fear, or doubt, and replace those with Your soul-renewing Word so that I may perservere to run the race You have set out for me. In Your Name, Amen.

**Several quotes and material gleaned from Renee’s website.

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More Than A Sparrow….


I added the video for you all. This is what I was experiencing. Thanks for stopping by!

Originally posted on Free to Fly Now:

By Tristine Barry

Jesus said in Matthew 10:29, “Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside of your Father’s care.” (NIV)

Many of you may be familiar with this verse. I have heard it in songs, in sermons, reading the Word, in a lot of places but it didn’t hit home until recently, when God personally showed me just how much he cares about us and his beautiful feathered friends. If you have been following me for a while you may know that I love woodpeckers. We live in a beautiful yard that has lots of trees and there was a very special tree that had several holes for these amazing creatures to build homes. This tree happened to be in the yard behind our fence, yet very close. For almost four years I have been watching the habits…

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A21/P31 31 Days of Prayer

By Tristine Barry

In honor of the Proverbs 31/A21 prayer initiative to stop human trafficking, I am participating in prayer for day 5. Won’t you join me in this prayer and share it all over the internet? Maybe you might want to share a prayer on your own blog, if you have one. If not you can go to the Proverbs 31 site and add a prayer. This is my prayer for today:

Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you in the name of precious Jesus, to lift a prayer to Your mighty thrown on behalf of the millions of victims of human trafficking. Lord, today as I pray for the A21 Campaign, I’m focusing on “Protection.” Jesus, protect these young girls, women, boys and young men being trafficked today. Please put conviction in the hearts of those holding these dear ones hostage. Send a searing pain into the hardened hearts of these captors so that they may open their eyes and see the wrong they are doing. Bring alive their conscience and give them the courage to set free their captives. And help those being held hostage find safety in one of the A21 transition homes or another place of restoration. Protect them spiritually, physically, and emotionally as they learn to be empowered to live in freedom. In God’s Powerful Name we pray, Amen.

Won’t you help the A21/P31 campaign of 31 days of prayer to save these innocent victims? Share this post on facebook, twitter, wherever you can and feel led. The more we have praying the more we can break the chains that bind these young ones who deserve a life so much better than this.

I sincerely thank you for praying with me and for stopping by. We are very blessed to be able to pray for people like this all over the world. God hears our prayers and acts!

Blessings and hugs to all.

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I Am Laying Down My Pride-Who Me?


I felt led to remind myself, and anyone else that may need this message. Thanks for stopping by.

Originally posted on Free to Fly Now:

By Tristine Barry

Oh, where do I start? I have been a “saved” Christian and following after God for at least four years. As you see in the title, we will be talking a little about pride and how it can (and has, for me) come between us and God. This precious relationship with God is the best thing I can, or any follower of Jesus can, work on developing. I have done a lot of Bible studies. I have grown in Christ by leaps in bounds over the last 3 years by simply forging this relationship, learning about Him, reading His Word in The Bible, and so many more things, too many to count. This has changed my life greatly for the better. Once I asked Jesus to come into my life I feel more alive, stronger, happier, more at peace, and have made many wonderful Christian friends. Things just…

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